Actions After a Grapple

Once you have grappled a foe, you may attempt the following moves on subsequent turns (provided your opponent does not break free!). Each action requires an Attack or All-Out Attack maneuver.

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“Grappling” is an attempt to grab your foe’s body. You must have at least one empty hand. On a game board, you must also move into your foe’s hex (“close combat”). Each attempt requires an Attack, All-Out Attack, or Move and Attack maneuver. Roll against basic DX or a grappling skill to hit. Your foe



You can grab something a foe is holding, like a weapon. To do so, you must have an empty hand (but some weapons, such as whips, can also grab). Make an attack using DX or a grappling skill, with the usual penalty to hit the hand (-4). Your opponent defends normally. If you hit, you’ve



See the Melee Weapon Table (p. 271) for the reach, damage, etc., of punches, kicks, bites, and other unarmed strikes. For additional options, see Sample Combat Techniques (p. 230) and Special Unarmed Combat Techniques (p. 403). And see Hurting Yourself (p. 379) for the effects of striking an armored target barehanded…



You can shove a foe with one or both arms. Roll against DX or Sumo Wrestling to hit. Your foe may block, dodge, or parry. If you hit, roll thrust/crushing damage – at -1 per die, if you used only one hand – and double it. This inflicts knockback (see Knockback, p. 378), but never



You can deliberately collide with an opponent. This requires an Attack, All-Out Attack, or Move and Attack maneuver. Roll against DX, Brawling, or Sumo Wrestling to hit. Note that the -4 to hit and effective skill cap of 9 for a Move and Attack do not apply to slams. Your foe may block, dodge, or


Actions After Being Grappled

If you have been grappled, you cannot take a Move maneuver unless you have at least twice your foe’s ST. Aim, Feint, Concentrate, and Wait maneuvers – and ranged attacks – are completely impossible. If you are pinned, you can’t take any maneuver that requires physical movement! Otherwise, you can do the following:

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Unarmed Combat

Sometimes you have to fight without weapons, or with improvised weapons. This is unarmed combat. Anyone can engage in unarmed combat, but certain skills make you a more effective unarmed fighter. For this purpose: Striking skills are Boxing (p. 182), Brawling (p. 182), and Karate (p. 203). Grappling skills are Judo (p. 203), Sumo Wrestling

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Melee Attacks

When you take a maneuver that lets you make a melee attack, you must specify who you are attacking, and with what weapon. You can make a melee attack using any ready melee weapon (including a natural weapon such as a kick, bite, or punch) against any target that is within reach. You can use

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An “attack” is an attempt to hit a foe or other target. If you execute an Attack, All-Out Attack, or Move and Attack maneuver (or convert a Wait into any of these), you may try to hit a foe. You can only attack with a weapon if it’s ready (see Ready, p. 366). The GM

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