Success Rolls

Fright Checks

A Fright Check is a Will roll made to resist fear. Fright Checks can occur as often or as rarely as the GM wishes. In a horror campaign where ordinary people meet shockingly gruesome Things, Fright Checks might be very common! With only minor adaptation, the GM can use these rules for awe, confusion,

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Will Rolls

When you are faced with a stressful situation or a distraction, the GM may require you to roll against your Will to stay focused. On a success, you may act normally. On a failure, you submit to the fear, give in to the pressure, are distracted from your task, etc. The effects of a failed

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Influence Rolls

An “Influence roll” is a deliberate attempt to ensure a positive reaction from an NPC. A PC with an appropriate “Influence skill” can always elect to substitute an Influence roll for a regular reaction roll in suitable circumstances (GM’s decision). See Reaction Rolls (p. 494) for more on NPC reactions. Decide which Influence skill you

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Sense Rolls

“Sense rolls” include Vision rolls, Hearing rolls, Taste/Smell rolls, and all rolls to use special senses such as Scanning Sense (p. 81) and Vibration Sense (p. 96). To notice something using a given sense, roll against your Perception score, modified by the applicable Acute Senses advantage (p. 35): Acute Vision for Vision rolls, Acute Hearing

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Extra Effort in Combat (Optional)

At the GM’s option, fighters can use extra effort in combat. These rules work differently from those above – mainly to avoid bogging down combat with extra die rolls and calculations. You must declare that you are using extra effort and spend the required FP before you make your attack or defense roll. A

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Extra Effort

Through sheer force of will, you can push your body past its usual limits when you perform physical tasks. This is called “extra effort.” Note that if you have the Machine meta-trait, you cannot use extra effort! You can use extra effort to increase Basic Lift (but not ST itself) when digging or lifting; daily

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You can throw anything you can pick up – that is, anything with a weight of 8xBL or less. If the object you wish to throw is not already in your hands, you must take one or more Ready maneuvers to pick it up. See Lifting and Moving Things (p. 353) for details. Throwing



When flying, use the Hiking (p. 351) and Running rules with these changes: Substitute “air Move” (equal to twice Basic Speed, dropping all fractions) for “ground Move” (equal to Basic Move). Apply modifiers for encumbrance, injury, and fatigue exactly as you would for ground Move. Substitute “Enhanced Move (Air)” for “Enhanced Move (Ground).” For high-speed



Unless you are Amphibious (p. 40) or Aquatic (p. 145), you must roll against Swimming skill (p. 224) any time you enter water over your head. Swimming defaults to HT-4. Roll when you first enter the water, and again every five minutes. Modifiers: +3 if you entered the water intentionally; a penalty equal to twice



Your running speed, or ground Move, is equal to your Basic Move score modified for encumbrance – see Encumbrance and Move (p. 17). In combat, running is just a series of Move maneuvers. Use the more detailed rules below when it is important to know whether the heroes catch the plane, escape the savage pygmies,

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