1. Windmills/Toe Touches (stresses back)
  2. Cervical Flexsion
  3. Full Sit-Ups (stresses back)
  4. V-Sits (and V-Sets with a Twist) (stresses back)
  5. Tricep Dips Off A Bench (stresses shoulder)
  6. Don’t Run On Same Side Of Street Every Time (stresses feet, ankles, knees)
  7. Upright Rows (impinges shoulder)
  8. Ignore Gravity
  9. Loaded Side Bends (stresses back, spine)
  10. Behind The Neck Press Ups (stresses shoulder blades, spine)
  11. Wide-Based Push Ups (stresses shoulder)
  12. Bending Knees Inward on Jump or Squat
  13. Quad Extension Machine (stresses patella and joint)
  14. V-Sits With Weight

Alternatives For 15 Common Exercises You Should NEVER DO!

  1. Hamstring Stretches
  2. Chin Tucks (5-10)
  3. Lying Double Crunch
  4. Lying Triceps Pull-Downs (wall anchor) instead of dips
  5. Partial Sit Ups, Curl Ups w Bicycles (hand on lumbar) instead of Full Sit Ups
  6. Shoulder Shrugs with Weights instead of Upright Rows
  7. Band Pulls instead of Bent Over Rows
  8. Posture Squats instead of Deep Squats
  9. 90° Lunges instead of Quad Machine
  10. Windshield Wipers instead of Windmills
  11. Side Planks instead of Weighted Side Bends
  12. Regular Push Ups, Dumbbell Flies, or Exercise Band Flies instead of Wide-Based Push Ups
  13. Standing Band Push Ups instead of Horizontal Weighted Push Outs