Do nothing unless a particular event you specified in advance occurs before your next turn; e.g., a foe moves into range. If that happens, you may transform your Wait into an Attack, Feint, All-Out Attack (you must specify the option before acting), or Ready maneuver. If you are reacting to someone else, this interrupts his



Take a Ready maneuver to pick up or draw any item and prepare it for use; e.g., to pull a sword from its sheath or a gun from its holster, or to reload a firearm. In some cases, you may also need a Ready maneuver to regain control of an unwieldy weapon after a swing,



You concentrate on one primarily mental task (even it has a minor physical component, like operating controls, gesturing, or speaking). This may be casting a magical spell, using a psi ability, making a Sense roll to spot an invisible warrior, making a Leadership roll to give orders, making an Electronics Operation roll to operate a


All-Out Defense

This is the maneuver to choose when you’re beset by foes – especially foes who like All-Out Attacks! You must specify one of the following two options: • Increased Defense: Add +2 to one active defense of your choice: Dodge, Parry, or Block. This bonus persists until your next turn. • Double Defense: Apply two

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Move and Attack

Move as described for the Move maneuver (p. 364), but during or after your move, make a single, poorly aimed attack – either unarmed or with a ready weapon. You attack as described for the Attack maneuver (above), but at a penalty. If you are making a ranged attack, you have a penalty of -2

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All-Out Attack

Attack any foe with a ready weapon, making no effort to defend against enemy attacks. If you are making a melee attack, you must specify one of these four options before you attack: Determined: Make a single attack at +4 to hit! Double: Make two attacks against the same foe, if you have two ready

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“Fake” a melee attack. You cannot Feint someone unless you could have hit him with a melee attack – that is, your weapon is ready and your foe is within reach. This maneuver is not an attack, though, and does not make your weapon unready. When you Feint, roll a Quick Contest of Melee Weapon



Use this maneuver to make an armed or unarmed attack in melee combat, or to use a thrown or missile weapon in ranged combat. To use a weapon to attack, it must be ready. If you are using a melee weapon or unarmed attack, your target must be within reach. Resolve the attack as explained



This maneuver is the melee combat equivalent of Aim. It lets you take time to study an adversary in order to gain a combat bonus on a subsequent attack. You must specify one visible opponent who is close enough to attack unarmed or with a ready melee weapon, or whom you could reach with a



This is a full-turn maneuver used to aim a ranged weapon (or a device such as a camera or telescope). You must choose a specific target. You can’t aim at something that you can’t see or otherwise detect. Specify the weapon you’re aiming with and your target. If you follow an Aim maneuver with an

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