You must have grappled your foe by the neck. You must normally use your hands, and can’t do anything else with them (e.g., parry) while holding on – but if you have the Constriction Attack advantage (p. 43), you can use your body instead. Roll a Quick Contest: your ST vs. the higher of your foe’s ST or HT. You are at -5 if you use only one hand, but at +2 per hand after the first two. If your Size Modifier exceeds your foe’s, you can grapple and squeeze his torso instead, in which case you roll at -5 unless you have Constriction Attack. If you win, your foe takes crushing damage equal to your margin of victory. DR protects normally. Multiply injury to the neck by 1.5. If any damage – even blunt trauma (p. 379) – penetrates the victim’s DR, you also start to suffocate him! On his next turn and every subsequent turn until he escapes, he loses 1 FP; see Suffocation (p. 436).