Move as described for the Move maneuver (p. 364), but during or after your move, make a single, poorly aimed attack – either unarmed or with a ready weapon.

You attack as described for the Attack maneuver (above), but at a penalty. If you are making a ranged attack, you have a penalty of -2 or the weapon’s Bulk rating, whichever is worse – and if you took an Aim, you lose all of its bonuses. If you are making a melee attack other than a slam (p. 371), you have a flat -4 to skill, and your adjusted skill cannot exceed 9.

  • Movement: As described under the Move maneuver – but since you are trying to do two things at once, you are -2 on any rolls the GM requires to avoid falling, tripping over obstacles, etc.
  • Active Defense: Dodge or block only. You cannot parry and you may not retreat (see Retreat, p. 377).