Move, but take no other action except those specified under Free Actions (p. 363). You may move any number of yards up to your full Move score. Most other maneuvers allow at least some movement on your turn; take this maneuver if all you want to do is move.

Players must tell the GM exactly where their PCs move to so that he can keep track of the combat. The GM decides where his NPCs move, and will inform any players whose PCs are in a position to witness the movement.

If you are controlling a vehicle or riding a mount, take a Move maneuver to spend the turn actively controlling it. Instead of you moving, the vehicle or mount moves on your turn (carrying you and other occupants). See Mounted Combat (p. 396) and Vehicles (p. 462) for details.

Sprinting: If you run forward for two or more turns in a row, you get bonus movement on your second and later moves; see Sprinting (p. 354).

  • Movement: See above.
  • Active Defense: Any.