You can bite or use a Striker (provided it has reach C) even if all your hands are busy. If you’re not using a hand to grapple your foe, you can use it to Attack or All-Out Attack (either unarmed or with a reach C weapon), or to take a Ready maneuver. You cannot Aim, Feint, Concentrate, Wait, or make ranged attacks unless you’ve pinned your foe. You may also perform the following free actions:

  • Release your grip. Let go of the foe, if you are grappling or pinning him. Or you can release just one hand – but this makes it easier for him to escape.
  • Throw away a ready weapon. This automatically succeeds and takes no time. You may do this to get a useless weapon out of your way, or to deprive the foe of a chance to grab a useful weapon (e.g., a blackjack) from you.
  • Drag or carry your victim. If you’ve pinned your foe, you can move or step normally, dragging or carrying him; see Lifting and Moving Things (p. 353) for how much you can lift or drag. He counts as encumbrance, reducing your Move. If you haven’t pinned him, moving away from him means you automatically release your grip unless you have at least twice his ST. If you’re that strong, you can pull or carry him with you!